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Preparation, organization and supervision of seismic data acquisition  



   What kind of surfey?

  Now days, there are many operational techniques available to the seismic industry in order to acquire data in a diverse set of environments. MM-GEO has personnel with experience in land environments ranging from open lands (steppes) and desserts utilizing vibrators to dense jungles, taiga, swamps and mountains utilizing dynamite as a source and helicopters for spread layout and personnel transport.

  Our marine experience ranges from regional 2D marine vessels utilizing single source and streamer to multi-streamer vessel operations employing up to ten streamers, dual source, flip-flop source arrays utilizing the latest deployment techniques.

  By utilizing our experience with various types of receivers, with vibrators, air-guns and dynamite and a variety of recording systems, MM-GEO is able to provide personnel for complete supervision of the land, transition and marine seismic operations.

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