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Preparation, organization and supervision of seismic data acquisition  



   Our responsibilities

  The acquisition of seismic data is a very complex process due to many various reasons including technological advance, harsh operating environments and strict QHSE requirements and regulations. All of us at MM-GEO are committed to giving you absolute confidence and serenity, ensuring that the data that you get is of the best possible quality and acquired in the safe and most efficient manner, so that you can concentrate on other things. Having an experienced seismic consultant to supervise (or organize) field operations saves you from dealing with the major or minor problems that can arise on any seismic survey. Of course, we will always keep you updated on all details of the project and confirm with you any possible deviations from original plan or contract specifications.

 Why should you consider using an independent seismic consultant? Regardless of who you are - an operating oil and gas company or seismic service contractor starting a survey in a new and unfamiliar geographical location, our personnel will help your company to implement your project in the most efficient way by:



   Assuring Data Quality...

  Seismic surveys are growing larger and more complex with increased channel counts as time goes on. There are a lot of things you need to take into account to ensure that you are getting the sort of quality you are paying good money for. Even after an extensive testing program to determine the best seismic acquisition parameters things like survey accuracy, receiver coupling, instrument calibration, source synchronization and a lot of other variables might affect the quality of the acquired data.

  Positioning technology, seismic recording, large labor teams and access problems are some of the parts contributing to a successful survey. Unintentional errors and problems can, and do, occur in all the aspects of any survey. Spotting the errors at an early stage can save millions of Dollars. All our consultants are familiar with the requirements of managing such a technically sophisticated enterprise as modern seismic crew or vessel. They understand the pressures of the work and help the client and seismic contractor to obtain the most suitable solutions.

  All seismic contractors these days have a commitment to quality. However, there will always be a difference in emphasis between the contractor (and perhaps the contractor's field personnel especially) and the client company when interpreting contractual specifications. This naturally results in tension between client and contractor over compliance with every aspect of their contract. Constant monitoring, sometimes from a fully independent standpoint, is therefore essential to ensure that the clients' requirements are met. Also to ensure that fairness prevails and that surveys are completed in the best way for both the client and contractor. Sometimes a small concession on a contractual item will save both money and time that, overall, is greatly to the benefit of our clients.

  Our personnel have worked with a lot of different companies and we know a lot about seismic quality control. Don't take any risk or compromise on quality of seismic data you can get. It is not just too costly to reshoot it later, but inadequate quality seismic can affect your drilling decisions, cause unacceptable delays in your operational plans and have impact on your own obligations under license agreements with government authorities. It is our responsibility to ensure that optimum quality data is acquired, consistent with field conditions.

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