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Preparation, organization and supervision of seismic data acquisition  



   Our responsibilities

  The acquisition of seismic data is a very complex process due to many various reasons including technological advance, harsh operating environments and strict QHSE requirements and regulations. All of us at MM-GEO are committed to giving you absolute confidence and serenity, ensuring that the data that you get is of the best possible quality and acquired in the safe and most efficient manner, so that you can concentrate on other things. Having an experienced seismic consultant to supervise (or organize) field operations saves you from dealing with the major or minor problems that can arise on any seismic survey. Of course, we will always keep you updated on all details of the project and confirm with you any possible deviations from original plan or contract specifications.

 Why should you consider using an independent seismic consultant? Regardless of who you are - an operating oil and gas company or seismic service contractor starting a survey in a new and unfamiliar geographical location, our personnel will help your company to implement your project in the most efficient way by:



   Ensuring objectives are achieved...

  Increasingly sophisticated acquisition and positioning equipment and techniques have meant that seismic crews tend to be predominately composed of systems operators rather than geophysicists and surveyors. There is a danger that the very sophistication with which data is acquired and positioned may obscure the fact that the data and/or positioning are unsatisfactory in terms of geological objectives of a survey.

  Our consultants can provide the unique role of advisor and arbitrator in this regard. They know, through years of experience, the critical issues of a survey. They help, guide and advise both client and contractor to ensure that our clients needs are met most suitably.

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