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Preparation, organization and supervision of seismic data acquisition  



   General information

  MM-GEO can provide seismic consultants to cover the whole range of acquisition projects. Whether your project is land, transition zone, shallow water or deep water marine our personnel can take care of:

  Our experience can also be of service to the seismic companies who decided to expand the geographical boundaries for its operations, improve their efficiency and raise performance standards to meet QHSE requirements of major international oil and gas companies. We can conduct an internal technical and QHSE audits of your field crews, equipment and operational practices. After we identify the areas for improvement we will provide a report with comprehensive list of action points to be implemented in order to improve your operations, safety and quality of your work while keeping the cost as low as possible, thus making your company more attractive and competitive on the international market.

  We can assist your company with preparation of the technical tender documentation, contracts for seismic data acquisition and processing, well drilling, logging and testing, quality and safety manuals, working instructions and procedures, and other kind of documents which are necessary to conduct your business worldwide.

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