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Preparation, organization and supervision of seismic data acquisition  



   Survey and navigation data QC & management

  Our consultants have experience with Trimble, Leica and Sercel GPS systems as well as the industry standard GP Seismic software package, ArcView, MapInfo, Surfer and AutoCAD. The land positioning QC services include:

  • Survey contract management, equipment calibration and review of field operations, provision of technical reports.
  • Verification of geodetic parameters and definitions of datum (geodetic and height), spheroids and projections.
  • Desk studies, survey audit and review of contractors technical competence.
  • Co-ordinate verification during seismic acquisition, final survey data QC prior to delivery to the client company.

  MM-GEO consultants can provide supervision of navigation for marine towed equipment surveys and independent checks of positioning quality, plus checks for compliance with industry standards for the final data product.

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