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   Career opportunities

  MM-GEO is always glad to hear from people who have the qualities we need to provide to our clients. If you think that you have gained enough experience in the seismic business and committed to provide best service to our clients please let us know. We may not get back to you immediately but your resume will be placed on our file for submission to prospective clients.

  The people we require will be those with at least several years experience working at the top level of their specialized fields for internationally recognized seismic companies. The broader range of your technical skills the higher your chances to succeed within MM-GEO. The fluent knowledge of spoken and written English is essential, and knowledge of Russian is the great advantage.

  Send us your current CV in Microsoft Word format with a covering letter letting us know what sort of work and locations you are interested in and what sort of day rate you would reasonably expect. Please, include detailed description of your experience with various types of recording equipment, energy sources, positioning and seismic data QC and processing software.

  Please, find the contact information on our contacts page or send your message to

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